Standards of Practice


One of the goals of SCMHR is to promote widespread adherence to common standards in the hair removal industry. We feel there are core standards that must be met for a hair removal practicianer to provide the best, safest and most scientifically advanced services to clients. If your hair removal provider is a member of SCMHR, you can be sure these standards are adhered to.

These important standards of practice include:

  • Compliance with government OSHA standards for use of lasers for hair removal
  • Strict use of eye protection and safety signage for laser hair removal providers
  • Having an appointed safety officer for your clinic or organization
  • Maintaining all proper medical records
  • Maintaining a protocol of high standards for the well being of the patient
  • Training all employees in the fundamentals of all laser technology used by the practice
  • Becoming nationally certified for hair removal
  • Having records of good standing in a national organization that promotes continued education
  • Complying with all state licensing and registration requirements
  • Carrying malpractice insurance
  • Compliance with HIPAA rules
  • Compliance with SCMHR Code of Ethics

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